10 December 2010

Color Script

Colors are going to be a big part of this work so I have to do a lot of color tests

06 December 2010

Color tests

Gosh, I was kinda lost with the colors at first, but I'm very happy with the way all is coming out. I still have a lot of work to do (this animation doesn't even have a name yet) , but at least I have the main character ready.

21 November 2010

13 October 2010

El organillero

The organ grinder (El organillero) is a short film that I did for a contest about the 200 years of Chile. The design is very simple because I only had about a month to do a 30sec animation, in the end I was very happy with the result but still I wish I could had more time to correct some little mistakes, well I hope to be one of the seven finalists.

14 September 2010


the manutara is a mythological bird in rapa nui, well, this is more about a project of telecommunications in Chile, manutara was the name of an airplane that connected rapa nui with the continental Chile.
first is the raw idea and then the illustration finished

02 September 2010

Walk fatty!!


yeah, i missed the movement in the belly but i'm so tired right now that i'm happy with this xDD

18 August 2010

Linoleum Festival

Linoleum is an animation festival that takes place in Moscow (yeah, in Russia), I sent a short-film to them about a month ago and today I saw my name in the list of this year participants!!, I'm super happy right now because this is the first time that one of my animations is in a festival!.
In the picture you can see my name and the synopsis of my animation in russian.
Here is the festival's site LINOLEUM

Also, the other day I received an E-mail asking me to apply to a virtual animation studio, It was a totally unexpected but awesome surprise!!!, so, I made a portfolio and a demoreel and then I applied right away, now I'm waiting to see if they accept me. it would be great be a part of it, and of course, the money would be also a very sweet reward, hahahahahaha.

08 August 2010


Today a friend send me the picture she took of the discs that I sent to Russia, this was almost a month ago and they are still in the mail but at least they're in Russia right now so I hope they accept my animation in the festival.
Also, the other pictures are the different designs that I did to the discs, in the end I used the title "Nature" and the second option how you can see in the picture.

06 August 2010

Lady in red

This character is pretty simple, I used Paloma Picasso like inspiration, that's why i only used red, black and white. The idea is make a stylish animation

12 July 2010

DVD: Nature

This is the cover of the DVD that I sent to russia, hopefully my work will be part of an animation festival, so I'm gonna keep my fingers cross.

06 July 2010

the window


just a quick animation for practice

Colors: Nature

the fourth one is so much like me that is almost scary, hahahahha. well, that's why i didn't use it.

17 June 2010

Screenshots and Synopsis : Nature


A boy is in his computer when he finds an advertisement of something that looks like an online game. But, when he tries to join it something weird happens and he is transported to another world, where he is surrounded by beautiful plants. follow his steps and be amazed by the power of nature.

28 April 2010

Making a scene: moonlight

yeah, the scene is not finished, but at least you can have an idea of how i work. gosh, is the only scene that i have to finish!!! i'm so happy for that!!!

06 April 2010


same drawing, different programs.
I really like photoshop, I'm totally useless with SAI and this is the first time that I use corel.
I used the default brushes from each program, but I normally don't paint with that brush in photoshop.

28 March 2010

And now.... a comic

oh gosh, I was working really hard in the animation "moonlight" that I should have done, but I needed a little rest, but!, I didn't want just be without doing something so I started a little comic, I had the characters since a couple months ago, and also the history so I just have to drawing, and now I have 8 pages done. but well, I just wanted to show you the original sketches that inspired me to do it.
and don't worry!, I'm also working in the animation right now!

24 March 2010


this is not related to Moonlight but is the only thing that i can show you right now, I have almost everything done with the animation but i still have to edit a lot of things.

12 March 2010

Quick drawing: Moonlight

Only a really quick and little drawing.. I guess I should be animating right now, and I also should start thinking in names for my characters xD

08 March 2010

First scene finished: moonlight

it took me so long but here it is!, is not the first scene in the short-film, but is the first one that I finished, now I need keep the work with all the other ones.

07 March 2010



I was boring so I did it in about... 15 minutes? or something like that

02 March 2010