28 March 2010

And now.... a comic

oh gosh, I was working really hard in the animation "moonlight" that I should have done, but I needed a little rest, but!, I didn't want just be without doing something so I started a little comic, I had the characters since a couple months ago, and also the history so I just have to drawing, and now I have 8 pages done. but well, I just wanted to show you the original sketches that inspired me to do it.
and don't worry!, I'm also working in the animation right now!

24 March 2010


this is not related to Moonlight but is the only thing that i can show you right now, I have almost everything done with the animation but i still have to edit a lot of things.

12 March 2010

Quick drawing: Moonlight

Only a really quick and little drawing.. I guess I should be animating right now, and I also should start thinking in names for my characters xD

08 March 2010

First scene finished: moonlight

it took me so long but here it is!, is not the first scene in the short-film, but is the first one that I finished, now I need keep the work with all the other ones.

07 March 2010



I was boring so I did it in about... 15 minutes? or something like that

02 March 2010

01 March 2010

Character design: Moonlight

Moonlight is the animation that I'm working on right now.

Pencil test: paisajismo

some pencil tests that I used for Paisajismo.



Diseño de Personajes: Pescando y Paisajismo

Los diseños de los personajes de mis primeras dos animaciones.
Tengo algunos otros hechos tradicionalmente pero que no he escaneado, en fin, estos son los principales: