08 December 2011


I'm planning on doing a shortfilm about romance books.
this is just a test to see the colors and style of the backgrounds, I'll do a couple more until I get something a little more stylish.

16 October 2011



I focused too much in the movement of the legs and the arms ended up looking super weird and nothing like a samurai. oh well, at least was a good practice

12 August 2011


I did this animation for a contest but I wasn't selected soooo... here it is!

I did it in about a month, so is super simple and it has a lot of mistakes, but even so, I'm really happy with it.

29 July 2011



This is just a little animation I did today to practice, nothing special.

07 June 2011


the first and second line is a study of a rabbit running, and the third line is a jump, youtube was a really useful tool. and well, here is the animation I did based on the study

23 May 2011

Insomnia: cards

This is a couple of thank-you cards that I did last week, I ended up using just the one with the grass

03 May 2011

In its way to russia

I'm really happy because this weekend so many good things happened, first of all I finally sent the shortfilm insomnia to the Linoleum festival, and then I bought a delicious green tea to celebrate.
But the thing that has me really thrilled is the fact that I won a book! (the art of tangled), I still can't believe it!, I think I won't believe it until I have it in my hands.

29 April 2011

Two little animations


the first one was done in 45 minutes and the second one in about 30 minutes.

13 April 2011


I'm always sketching in photoshop but is pretty odd for me to save them, this time I found very interesting some of the poses that I did, so I think I'm going to use one or two of them.

28 March 2011

Self-portrait + animations

Today I found some good quality paper sheets so I did this self-portrait in one of them, I really like the texture of the paper, one of this days I'm gonna do some postals to my friends with this paper. I thing this is the first time that I feel like I'm using my prismacolor pencils the way I should.

Well, on the other hand I did some animations this last week, the first one I did it today on a couple of hours, the idea was do a girl dancing but like in those rituals, and the second one (that I'm not very happy with the result) is about a boy jumping to a rope and I did it i think.. three days ago.



21 March 2011

Insomnia: Synopsis and Screenshots


This is the story of a little boy who wasn't able to sleep and felt that something weird was happening out of his room, so he decides to take a look, but soon he would realize that he isn't home, maybe fall asleep wasn't so difficult.

07 March 2011

Nature: official selection Corto Helvetico al Femminile

Summer is over!, but the year is just beginning, and I already have some good news. Nature was accepted at an Switzerland short film festival, I'm super excited about it! the festival is in april and my film will be screened the 3rd. Also this is the third festival that has accepted my work, and the feeling of being part of this events is still pretty new to me, I just can't help myself but to be with a BIG smile on my face.
But well, I think the best part about it is the feeling of being doing something right, and now I can continue working on the next animation that is almost finished.

28 January 2011


gosh, I should be working on an animation, but i just can't stop doing other things, like cooking, reading, going out with my friends, at least i can blame the summer for part of that.
I swear that in a couple of weeks I'll be working like crazy on the animation!, but for now... I'll be reading Taras Bulba xD

13 January 2011

Walking in the dark

a little part of the animation i'm working on, with the background and some effects this should be a little creepy xD or thats what i'm hoping at least

07 January 2011

new year, new backgrounds

This are some backgrounds of the animation I'm working on right now, I still have a lot of work to do, but at least the animation is taking shape.